The Rain God

I[1], also, crashed the University of Toronto's computing facility.

It was my first assembler course.  I imagined that we were using an assembler VM[2] and that the computer system was totally protected from having any harm caused to it.

At the time, we used card decks.  My program was, maybe, about 10-20 cards long.[3]

I would drop my assignment into the card-reading hopper and stand in line waiting for my turn at the line printer.

Every time I stepped up to the printer, the system would crash and the line printer would auto-open its hatch (about the size of a hatchback on a modern automobile).

Lousy luck.

I kept doing this[4] until the overseer got a phone call from downtown.

He looked at my code and told me to stop trying to run my assignment.

Later, I found the bug in my code and was surprised that the VM hadn't protected the system from my mistake.  I learned that there was no VM, I was running raw IBM 360 hardware.

I learn from mistakes.

I've learned a lot.


[2] There was no term such as "VM" at the time.  VM means virtual machine.

[3] One card was one line of code.

[4] It was on the Scarborough Campus, closest to my home, but I was enrolled in the downtown campus.