I view all current PLs as mere assembly languages and use PEG to build SCLs on top of them.  

Some PLs make "better" targets for automation than others https://guitarvydas.github.io/2021/03/16/Toolbox-Languages.html.  

It boils down to unnecessary edge-cases[1] and unnecessary syntactic sugar.  

It is not possible to create a syntax that fits all use-cases.  

Paradigms and syntax should be treated orthogonally.  

Experimenting with paradigms is not the same as experimenting with syntax[2] https://guitarvydas.github.io/2020/12/09/Programming-Languages-Are-Skins.html.

See Also

An example of PEG being used to help create a PEG-based transpiler is 


[1] e.g. declaration before use

[2] This is another instance of fractal-thinking.  What we generally consider to be PLs, can be broken down into two sub-components - paradigm and syntax.