Variable Names Are Not Good Enough

Variable names are a notational convenience.

As such, one should be able to explore variable names recursively.

For example, in the formula:

y = mx + b

what is "m" and what is "b"?

If we rewrite the formula as:

y = slope * x + intercept

the equation becomes less readable (at least, for "experts").

Hierarchical Names

Our editors should allow us to explore — expand — variable names.

For example, in the above formula, we should be able to click on "m" and ask for a lengthier name.  

From there, we should be able to push down and get even more detail, e.g. an explanation of the term "slope".

m —> slope —> description of slope —> etc.

Tooltips are Not Enough

Tooltips, as they currently exist — hover over an item to get a longer phrase — are not "enough".

We need tooltips for tooltips.

We need tooltips for tooltips for tooltips for …