[Why not use TXL instead of Ohm?]

Good question. I didn’t explicitly understand the problem until later, when I had PEG and JavaScript in my hands.

S/SL laid the groundwork for my understanding. It took only 30 more years. [I used S/SL right from the beginning, but it took me a while to verbalize why I found it so useful.]

I wonder if Cordy “got it” much earlier?

TXL is based on parse trees. Ohm-JS is based on JS objects. It became easier to program when I thought of objects instead of parse trees.

TXL looks like “compiler technology”. Ohm-JS can look like lowly JS. Maybe that makes Ohm-JS feel more accessible?

Paul Morrison talks about “steam engine time” - multiple inventions of the same concept, at about the same time.

Appendix - TXL