Simplicity Is Hard

We have a zillion techniques for programming.

Complex Techniques

  • Operating System - glorified libraries, include time-sharing and memory sharing in every app
  • Synchronous
  • Python, JS, Perl, etc.
  • Mathematical Notation - rules for textual substitution - developed with text (when pen-and-paper was the only choice) - continue, blindly, with text
  • Compile Time vs. Run Time fallacy
  • two syntaxes for every language

What is the ATOM of Software?

Trying to answer this question is one of my goals.

Currently, I think that triples are The Atom.

Currently, I think that relations (relation x subject x object) are the most succinct form of triples.

Currently, I think that Curried functions are actually triples in disguise. (A function of one argument is a double waiting to be completed by applying it to an Object).

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