• restricted interface between components

Input APIs

APIs usually specify only the input side of software components.

Output APIs

Full APIs must include, both, input and output descriptions.


DLLs - .dll, .so, .dylib files - are one form of output API (created using indirection which is resolved by the linker).

DLLs are not formalized to the point of having first-class output APIs.

Normalized Interfaces, APIs

Input APIs and output APIs should look the same.

Currently we specify output APIs using a mish-mosh of syntax, e.g. exceptions, synchronous return values, etc.


A Component is described by

  • a name
  • an input interface
  • an output interface.

[N.B. Currently, we specify APIs with too much detail, a result of flatness instead of layering. Libraries are hard to use because of the fact that too much detail is exposed at the top levels].

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