This note contains the conventions I use when creating Software Components with


  • rectangle that does not include other objects
  • rectangle that can include color, text, strokeWidth
  • or, circle

external port


internal port


input port


output port

color=yellow or color=red

explicit port

implicit port


  • rectangle that includes ports, arrows, attributes
  • or, ellipse

component that only contains attributes, text, ports

link components are components that are not implemented on the given diagram

link components can be

  1. implemented by other diagrams, or,
  2. directly implemented in the base language

Link components used to be called Leaf components.

Link is a general concept - we cannot know how the component will be implemented.

All links must be resolved before running a Component hierarchy.

Links can be resolved incrementally. For example, Component A can be joined to Component B, which results in hierarchical system C that might contain unresolved links.

composite component

component that contains other objects

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