At this point, we have parsed 4 components - v, v/x, v/x/y and v/x/y/z.

We are avoiding parsing the left-overs, z and c, for now. We think that the details will not be of help in designing and debugging the process (we’ll see if that assumption is correct, later).

Join - Simple

Let’s join two components and build from there.

Let’s join v and v/x.

We write a simple bash script

# join two .pl files and re-sort into the final .pl file
# inputs: $1, $2
# output: $
cat $ $ > _temp
sort _temp >$

and run it

./join.bash v v_x inc

Next, we run our query:

pseudo % ./run-qr.bash inc
component IDs [v_0,v_3,v_7,v_9,v_x_0,v_x_10,v_x_4,v_x_8]
components    [v,v_b,v_c,v_x,v_x,v_x_d,v_x_y,v_x_c]
ports [v_a,v_x_a,v_x_b,v_x_c,v_d,v_b_a,v_b_b,v_x_a,v_x_d_a,v_x_d_b,v_x_b,v_x_c,v_x_y_a,v_x_y_b,v_x_y_c]
links [v_b,v_x,v_x_d,v_x_y]
arrows [[[v_a,v_b_a]],[[v_a,v_x_a]],[[v_b_b,v_c]],[[v_c,v_x_b]],[[v_x_c,v_d]],[[v_x_a,v_x_y_a]],[[v_x_b,v_x_y_b]],[[v_x_c,v_x_d_a]],[[v_x_d_b,v_x_e]],[[v_x_y_c,v_x_c]]]

and see that the joined component v/x is still being reported as a link, and, v/x is reported twice in the components list.

After joining v and v/x, we should see 3 link components v/x/y, v/b/ and v/x/d.

The list of links currently includes v/x. We need to modify our factbase and our query.

Joining should make v/x into a sub-component of v.

We want to change vs notion of v/x.

What if we try to knock out the chain of declarations of v/x from v?

Let’s try that with a simple manual edit.

As humans who are getting really, really bored, we edit for this test.

Low Level Test 1

We make the manual edit and get

pseudo % ./run.bash 
pseudo % ./join.bash v v_x inc
pseudo % ./run-qr.bash inc
component IDs [v_0,v_3,v_7,v_x_0,v_x_10,v_x_4,v_x_8]
components    [v,v_b,v_c,v_x,v_x_d,v_x_y,v_x_c]
ports [v_a,v_d,v_b_a,v_b_b,v_x_a,v_x_d_a,v_x_d_b,v_x_b,v_x_c,v_x_y_a,v_x_y_b,v_x_y_c]
links [v_b,v_x_d,v_x_y]
arrows [[[v_a,v_b_a]],[[v_a,v_x_a]],[[v_b_b,v_c]],[[v_c,v_x_b]],[[v_x_c,v_d]],[[v_x_a,v_x_y_a]],[[v_x_b,v_x_y_b]],[[v_x_c,v_x_d_a]],[[v_x_d_b,v_x_e]],[[v_x_y_c,v_x_c]]]

Now, v/x does not appear as a link and appears only once in the components list.

Actually, that’s not quite correct (our test is lying to us).

We want to replace the v/x hierarchy in with the hierarchy.

Again, that’s not quite right.

We want

  1. to demote v/x by one level (## instead of # and so on)
  2. paste the demoted version into v after deleting v/x from v.
pseudo % ./run.bash
pseudo % ./join.bash v v_x inc
pseudo % ./run-qr.bash inc    
component IDs [v_0,v_13,v_17,v_19,v_3,v_7,v_9,v_x_0,v_x_10,v_x_4,v_x_8]
components    [v,v_x_y,v_x_c,v_x_d,v_b,v_c,v_x,v_x,v_x_d,v_x_y,v_x_c]
ports [v_a,v_x_a,v_x_b,v_x_c,v_x_y_a,v_x_y_b,v_x_y_c,v_d,v_x_d_a,v_x_d_b,v_b_a,v_b_b,v_x_a,v_x_d_a,v_x_d_b,v_x_b,v_x_c,v_x_y_a,v_x_y_b,v_x_y_c]
links [v_x_y,v_x_d,v_b,v_x_d,v_x_y]
arrows [[[v_a,v_b_a]],[[v_a,v_x_a]],[[v_b_b,v_c]],[[v_c,v_x_b]],[[v_x_a,v_x_y_a]],[[v_x_b,v_x_y_b]],[[v_x_c,v_d]],[[v_x_c,v_x_d_a]],[[v_x_d_b,v_x_e]],[[v_x_y_c,v_x_c]],[[v_x_a,v_x_y_a]],[[v_x_b,v_x_y_b]],[[v_x_c,v_x_d_a]],[[v_x_d_b,v_x_e]],[[v_x_y_c,v_x_c]]]

That’s better, but still no cigar. V/x/y and v/x/d appear twice in the links (and other places). Maybe something is wrong with

  1. our manual edit
  2. our query, or,
  3. something else.

We can view this join as a diagram.

This diagram shows what we want to do. The exising arrows in v can remain, since they connect to v/x but do not penetrate the boundaries of v/x.

In a more automated version, we would want to convert circles in v/x into rects. Or would we?

unifinished - experimenting with .png files and .md

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