Mathematics uses a simple notation.

Mathematics notation allows algebraic substition of notation.

To perform substitution, there can be no “side effects”


Physical reality is 4D - x, y, z, time.

Mathematical notation is 2D - x, y.

Mathematics Ignores Time

Mathematics ignores time.

This reduces the number of dimensions to 3: x, y, z.

Mathematics Projection from 3D to 2D

Mathematics Doesn’t Lose Information

It simply re-casts the Z-dimension into extra functions.

E.g. A port is

{shape, direction, location}

This is flattened to {maybePort() x {direction, location}}.

Diagrams on Tabs

Imagine a set of diagrams in a tabbed diagram editor.

Tabs go left-to-right (or right-to-left). X,Y

Tabs do not go “in” and “out”. Z

Slideshow can show development of the diagram over time. T

A Diagram is 2D.

A Diagram With Hyperlinks is 3D

A Slideshow Of A Diagrams With Hyperlinks == (3+1)D

  • One diagram = X,Y = 2D
  • Hyperlinks = Z
  • Slideshow = T
  • X,Y,Z,T = 4D

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