Simplicity is defined as “lack of nuance”.

Things seem complicated when there is a lot of nuance.

For example, mathematics is a notation designed for the 2D problem space of pen-and-paper (x,y).

Anything “more than 2D” requires mental gymnastics to map from “more than 2D space” to “2D-only space”.

That’s lots of nuance.

Only a select few people can perform this kind of mental gymnastics “in their heads”, leading the rest of the people to

  1. think that the domain(s) is “complicated”
  2. brand the select few with the label “smart”.

Computers work in 4D space - x, y, z, t1.

Programming would appear to be less-complicated if we used a 4D notation for programming.

See Also


  1. 3D geometric space (x,y,z) and time (t).