Mathematics consists of 2 main parts:

  1. the mechanics of manipulating symbols
  2. the hard-won knowledge of what works and what doesn’t (algorithms, laws, principles, etc.).

Part 1 is simple text manipulation.

Mathematics was invented when the only tools were pen and paper.

The UNIX people almost got part 1 by producing a set of utilities for manipulating symbols in the form of text.

The “problem” with the UNIX notation was that text was only text up to end-of-line.

Newline is special in UNIX

Lisp almost got part 1, except that the symbols must be arranged as lists (CONS cells).

New Math Manipulation

We need a way to manipulate symbols in a way that doesn’t make newlines and CONS cells special.

Computers like to think in terms of bytes.


How can we manipulate raw bytes?


PEG parsing makes parsing easier.

PEG is a DSL for parsing.

Ohm-JS is improved PEG.


Why stop at characters?

We can manipulate diagrams using computers.

How can we draw diagrams and then manipulate them?

A beginning might be:

  • SVG
  • d2f.

See Also

d2f - Diagram to Text Converter
Ohm-JS (see, also, my articles on PEG and Ohm-JS)

See Also

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