Spreadsheets are good UX for accountants.  Lambda Calculus is lousy UX for accountants.

Lambda Calculus is good UX for lanuage theorists.  Spreadsheets are lousy UX for language theorists.

Programmer UX

We don’t worry about programmer-UX enough and remained mired in the biases of the mid-1900s.

Programmers get only to use grids of non-overlapping small bitmaps (characters, lines of text).

We design modern (2000’s) UXs for accountants, and CEOs and other computer users, but, not for programmers.


Is this good UX For Programmers?

[The answer depends on what the programmers are trying to accomplish. Are they trying to manipulate theoretical concepts of textual notations, are they trying to manipulate websites, or, …?]

Electronics designers do not use chip-layout-CAD for all designs. They don’t bother to design circuits using diagrams of molecules and atoms, even though they, ultimately, work with chemical compounds (e.g. oxides).

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