When debugging a concurrent app - one with many possible paths of execution - one wants the equivalent of tracer bullets to see where messages have gone, and, come-from.

A single backtrace is not enough.


Tracer bullets are straight-forward to implement in Common Lisp and JavaScript.

Tack the previous message onto the end of the current message (recursively, each message contains a trace of messages that caused them).

I’m experimenting with a Message class that has two main fields and two trace fields:

  1. tag
  2. data
  3. come-from id
  4. previous message.

Since each message is defined as above, previous message becomes a nested list from the beginning of time.

Currently, I output traces in Lisp syntax and use a Lisp pretty printer to view them (emacs indent-region in my case).

Fields (1) and (2) are real. Fields (3) and (4) are for debugging.

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