Statecharts Papers We Love Video

My reading of the original Statecharts paper is Statecharts Papers We Love, Toronto, Aug. 2019

I presented this paper in August of 2019. I’ve included the original slide deck from that presentation. The voice-over for this YouTube was done afterwards.

Slide Deck

Slide Deck PDF

Full Slide Deck

Contains every page of the paper, including those which were skipped over in the presentation.

Also, contains annotations for some of the skipped slides.

Full Slide Deck PDF

Appendix - Revelations and Opinions About Statecharts

2023-11-27-Statecharts Revelations and Opinions

Appendix - How Was This Video Made?

I created the full slide deck in Keynote (Apple’s version of Powerpoint), then culled it and used it for the live, in-person one-hour presentation.

I recorded an audio voice-over on my laptop, in lieu of having a full video/audio of the original presentation.

I posted the audio to SoundCloud, and, the slide deck(s) as a PDF to neocities.

More recently, I used Descript to glue the slides and audio together into a single video. I used the “uh” deletion feature of Descript, then its A.I. overdub feature to smooth over various audio jump cuts and some of my pondering style of off-the-cuff speaking, including some long, drawn-out words and phrases.

I used Descript’s “Studio Sound” feature to remove background hiss and to make it sound like I was in a sound-booth.

I added 20% reverb and an EQ notch at around 1KHz.

I, first, added a tiny bit of compression, but removed it, allowing Studio Sound to do its magic unfettered. Likewise, I removed “Low Shelf EQ”.

Appendix - See Also




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